All About Ride Idaho

Ride Idaho dinner and entertainmentRide Idaho is an annual, seven-day, fully supported, cycling tour. The tour is organized and administered by Ride Idaho, a non-profit organization. But we can't take all the credit. It is by the power of many volunteers, working in each community or traveling with us, that we are able to provide a tour of this caliber. We have been pedaling our way through the state since 2005 with these intentions:
  • Inform and inspire cyclists with Idaho's beauty, hospitality and history
  • Provide a positive economic impact in Idaho's communities
  • Promote healthy, active lifestyles
  • Raise awareness of safe cycling

Inform and Inspire

Ride Idaho showcases our beautiful state by offering diverse, scenic, and fun routes each year. Idaho's landscape is a mix of geographical elements so you may be wowed with tall mountain ranges, rolling farm lands, breezy prairies, or rocky deserts. This diverse landscape is tied together with over 3,000 river miles, more than any other state in the lower 48.

The diversity of landscape is paralleled in Idaho's history. Lewis and Clark, Oregon Trail, geological wonders, mining and agricultural bounties are waiting for your discovery. You will find people with a great sense of community, who are anxious to share their culture and hospitality.

As you explore Idaho you will bond with your fellow cyclists who come from all over the US and Canada. Often times, the people you meet on a tour like Ride Idaho are the ones you look forward to seeing year after year, in Idaho or on another tour.

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Provide Positive Economic Impact

Ride Idaho supports our host communities by hiring their non-profit organizations, local clubs and businesses to provide food, camping, porter services and entertainment for our group. We encourage our riders to go out into the communities we visit, participate in tours and explore the historical places of interest. The residents are engaging and enjoy introducing visitors to their towns.

When registration and sponsor dollars are available, Ride Idaho funds community development projects such as city benches, first-responder safety and rescue equipment, sports equipment, city park playground equipment and bike racks to name a few.

Promote Healthy and Active Lifestyle

Leave your car at home and join us for 400 miles of medicinal cycling. You will reap the benefits, both physically and mentally. Training for a long distance ride starts as early as the weather permits, and last a lifetime once you've seen the world from the seat of a bicycle. Our riders range from 16 to 84 years, so you see, we really do mean that the desire to ride lasts and lasts, and the health benefits will keep you young forever!

Boys and Girls ClubFor several years now, with your registration dollars, we have been able to donate bikes and safety accessories to the local Boys and Girls Club members. The excitement is electric and the kids can't wait for the opportunity to earn a bike!

Raise Awareness of Safe Cycling

Ride Idaho continues to work with other organizations to leverage our voice in the nation and the state, advocating and promoting safe cycling. Ride Idaho is a member of
  • League of American Bicyclists
  • Idaho Pedestrian and Bicycle Alliance
  • Bicycle Tour Network
It is likely you have seen the slogan, Share the Road. Ride Idaho distributes this message via bumper stickers wherever we go, around the state and the nation!

Bicycle Tour Network

Member of the Bicycle Tour Network

The BTN is an organization of individuals and entities who operate recreational bicycle events. The primary purpose of the BTN is to bring together the directors, coordinators, organizers, etc., of multi-day bicycle tours, to share ideas, learn ways to improve their events and promote responsible cycling.