Day 3: Trout Creek, MT to Prichard



DISTANCE: 65 Miles
ELEVATION GAIN: + 4,429 ft.
ELEVATION: 2,420 ft.
Avg High: 83
Avg Low: 54
Avg Rain Fall: .09”

Leaving Trout Creek, we will embark on a journey past Thompson Falls and onto Thompson Pass, which is situated at 6,814ft. The descent will take us into the town of Murray, a historical community rich with mining legacies and stories. One legend tells the tale of Molly B’Damm, whose given name was Maggie Hall Burdan. She emigrated from Ireland along with her thick Irish accent that caused people to begin pronouncing her last name as “B’Damm.” Molly opened a saloon and soon was plying her trade. She was very generous and was locally loved and famous by most of the people in town. Anyone who was sick or down on their luck would find Molly helping them out. Even her “customers” who became sick or needed a loan received help from her. She would hand out money or offer food and care for people in need. To this day, there is an annual Molly B’Damm day in Murray where the locals celebrate her kindness and acts of service.

Ride IdahoAnother notable story from this area is that of Wyatt Earp, the U.S. lawman known for being fast with his gun, showed his dark side in Murray by jumping another man’s claim. Earp had just left Tombstone, Ariz., after his famous shootout at the OK Corral. He forced W. Payne off his own land, but was never able to claim the land for himself. He then opened a tent saloon with his brother before starting his next adventure.

Only a short distance down the road is our overnight destination of Prichard, an unincorporated community founded by goldminer, A.J. Prichard in the late 1800’s.


We will be camping at The Upriver Lodge. The lodge is located on an 8-acre setting of cedar trees with 800 feet of frontage on the Coeur d’Alene River.