Ride Details: In Camp

Check-in & Packet Pickup

Discovery Park, Boise, Idaho is the location for check-in and packet pickup on Saturday, July 13th. Check-in and packet pickup is from 2:00-6:00 PM (Mountain Time Zone). Packet pick up is available in the evening should you arrive after 6:00.  Dinner will be provided Saturday nightt for those that prefer not to eat in town,  from 5:30 to 6:30. There will be entertainment that evening with an orientation meeting  at 7:00 PM.


Discovery Park is a gem of a park located at the edges of the Boise River just south of Boise. The park is just downstream from Lucky Peak Reservoir, and it has riverfront access to water that flows from the reservoir itself. The park offers an oasis of shaded grassy lawn and swimming holes. The park sits along the Boise River Greenbelt, so it is very accessible by bike or by foot. The park is also easily accessed from downtown along Highway 21. In the summer, stand-up paddleboarders, kayakers, and swimmers can be found in the river.


There will be no shower service in camp this day or the next morning.


Driving directions and maps to camp and long term parking will be sent out by email in early June.

Tent & Porter

Good Grief Tent & Porter ServiceGood Grief Tent & Porter Service Good Grief Tent & Porter Service: For those who prefer to be pampered, Good Grief Tent & Porter service is available! This service includes a 7 x 9ft. dome tent that will be set up for you each day. Your luggage will be picked up each morning and transported to the next camp.


Tent & Porter service includes  “2 folding chairs, clean towels each day and charging of your electronic devices” . Sleeping bags and pads are not provided. This service starts Saturday before the ride and ends the next Saturday morning, the final day of the ride. The price for a week’s worth of pampering, for 1 or 2 people, is $495 for the week.


Some additional pampering is included, but they keep it a surprise, and it's the reason riders keep coming back year after year.


A towel and chair service is also available for the week for $60. A chair and a clean towel will be waiting for you at camp each day!   NOTE: This service is already provided if you are signed up for the tent and porter service.


To make a reservation, please contact Earl by email at egrief@cableone.net or call (208) 890-4434.

Food, Drink & Entertainment

All of your meals and snacks will be provided along the route. There will be 2-4 rest stops with snacks and beverages along the route each day, the number of stops is determined by the daily mileage and difficulty of the coarse. Our rest stop food is not the ordinary energy bars and gel’s, we add some extra zest, a signature that make our event stand out from the rest. Lunch will be provided either during the ride or at the end depending on the length of the days route, and there will always be snacks available in camp.

Ride Idaho Beverage Gardens

Ride Idaho Food and Drink:

Ride Idaho Beverage Gardens: For each meal, Ride Idaho engages the local community groups and businesses to prepare your food in an effort to bring a positive economic impact to our host communities. We encourage the communities to show off their local specialties and they never disappoint. Some of our past meals have included, grilled salmon, bar-b-q smoked ribs, and a holiday turkey dinner with all the trimmings. In some host communities, we give each rider vouchers which are then used to purchase meals at any participating establishment of your choice.

Ride Idaho is cognizant of the fact that there are some cyclists that have special dietary needs. Ride Idaho’s mission is and has always been to use non-profit or civic organizations in small rural towns to prepare and serve meals. These organizations typically don’t have the means nor the culinary expertise to provide for special diets. Ride Idaho has been successful in providing meat-eater and vegetarian options. Those Cyclists that are vegan or gluten-free have adequately managed their needs with the food we provide by simply choosing what is right for them, some have even brought supplemental food items which we will gladly keep available for them in our refrigerated truck during the week.

Coffee: You can get your coffee and espresso fix from our vendor, Slow River Coffee, who will be with us every morning and afternoon in camp.

Ride Idaho EntertainmentBeverage Gardens: Like each meal, we work with our host communities to set up a beverage garden in camp. The beverage gardens serve a combination of beer, wine, and other refreshments. In some communities when bars and restaurants are in close proximity to our camp, we may choose to opt out of our own beer garden and give you the opportunity to experience several locations. Cheers!

Entertainment: After an invigorating long day of cycling, this is may be your favorite part of the ride. Most nights throughout the week, we will hire locally-based entertainment for our camp activities.

You may be shy, but don’t be surprised if your wilder side comes out on Ride Idaho, it’s all a part of enjoying the ride!

Ride Idaho Shower ServiceCamp Services

These are the services that will be available each morning and night in camp:

  • Portable toilets Water spigot
  • Information booth / rider services
  • Beverage garden when possible
  • Bicycle Mechanics
  • Massage Therapist (provided by outside vendor)
  • Espresso / coffee (provided by outside vendor)
  • Mobile shower service, will be available in the afternoon and until 9:00 PM. Limited shower service will be available in the morning.

Camp Services


Shelly and her team will be back again this year to give you some real relief during the week. Their caring hearts and hands are much appreciated by riders and staff. Stop by their tent on Saturday to set your schedule for the week

While you're there, book one for a friend too! It is the participant's responsibility to coordinate scheduling and payment for massages, as they are not included in your registration.

Shelly Reynolds - (208) 761-1021

Ride Idaho Luggage Service

Ride Idaho Luggage Service The luggage truck will transport your bags to each campsite. When packing, keep in mind that you must be able to carry your bags to and from the luggage truck. Please pack as lightly as possible. If you pack two bags, keep your TOTAL luggage under 60 lbs. Two bags of 30 lbs. is easier to handle than one heavy bag. All of your gear must fit inside your bags. Do not attach any gear to the outside of your bag, this includes chairs an cots. All riders will receive two baggage tags and must have their bags packed and to the truck by 7:45 am each day.

You will need to carry anything you might want on the road with you on your bike.

Ride Idaho will not transport chairs, coolers, and anything else that does not fit into your bags. \

Community Information

Stay tuned for special bulletins from our host communities before the ride.

Campsite Maps

As the ride draws closer, we’ll update this section with maps of each campsite. Check back here for more information soon!


Ride Idaho is a camping event. We provide our riders with a place to put a tent, drinking water, showers and port-a-potties. If you prefer camping with extra comfort, please click here for information about our Tent & Porter service!

With all that there is to love about Ride Idaho camp, we realize there are folks who require hotel/motel lodging. We endeavor to camp in communities with those accommodations. If you plan to stay in hotels during the week of the ride, we suggest you bring a backpack to carry your gear from camp to the hotel. In all cases, you are responsible for transportation to and from lodging accommodations that are away from camp.

For hotel/motel suggestions in each community, please refer to the individual day pages in the Route section. On each day's page, a few motels and RV parks within the host community have been identified. In some cases, this list does not include all the motels available in each city; in others, there are very few motels in the area and you will want to make your reservations ASAP.