Giving Back, Promoting Healthy, Active Lifestyles & Supporting Safe Cycling

One of the benefits of bringing 350 riders and 50 volunteers through the state is the economic impact we have. We are not a separate entity, but rather the opposite, we incorporate ourselves into the communities so our riders get a real feel for Idaho.

One way we do that is that we hire local organizations to provide resources for our group, like a place to camp, meals, entertainment and logistical assistance. Often times we camp in the city park or on the city's school grounds. 4-H clubs, high school teams, first responders, civic organizations and sometimes each and every member of the community help to make us comfortable.

When funds allow, Ride Idaho makes monetary or in-kind donations to the organization who support us and the communities we visit. On behalf of the participants of the ride we have donated first-responder emergency equipment, athletic team equipment, musical instruments, picnic tables, park benches and playground equipment.

These 4-H kids (and parents) of Whitebird earned money so they could participate at the county fair, 2012. »

Extraction Saw, 2011
Keyboard, Prairie High School, 2013
Sandpoint, Surf Rake, 2013
Lowman, Safety Helmets, 2011
Arco, City Bench, 2011
Stanley, Picnic Table, 2011
Stanley City Park Table
There are so many rewards associated with Ride Idaho. It truly is a transformative experience.

Riders find that they possess a strength of mind and body that was previously unknown to them. Volunteers, through their passion of helping others, are rewarded with abundant gratitude. Community Members realize their potential for working collaboratively, hosting a large, successful event. These intangible rewards, these gains, make for an incredible experience for everyone involved.

"Ride Idaho was a great accomplishment. It's pretty awesome to be unsure if you can do something and then feel great in camp after proving you could (and did)!"
Amber - Rider, 3 year veteran

"Ride Idaho showed us that we are capable of being good hosts when we work with each other, divide tasks and delegate. Thanks for the opportunity."
Jeff - Community Member

Promoting Healthy, Active Lifestyles Riding a bicycle for 400 miles for seven consecutive days requires enthusiasm, dedication and training, training that begins as soon as weather permits, and oftentimes continues for a lifetime. Cycling is something almost everyone can do. Our cyclists range from the age of 16 to 84 years.

Supporting Safe Cycling

In addition to investing in the health and well-being of the individuals who participate of Ride Idaho, rider's fees are leveraged to give back to Idaho's communities. to improve and increase cycling opportunities, as donations to bicycle/pedestrian trails in the state, organizations who strive to maintain and improve the bicycle and pedestrian systems in Idaho, and specifically, donations of bikes, helmets and locks to the Boys & Girls Clubs of Ada County.
2011 donation to the Boys and Girls Clubs of Ada County
2012 - Boys and Girls Clubs of Ada County
Boys & Girls Club 2012
2013 donation to the Boys and Girls Clubs of Ada County
Thank you to all participants and sponsors of Ride Idaho. It is because of you that Ride Idaho is able to be an ambassador of good will. Ride on!