Volunteer for Ride Idaho

Volunteer with Ride IdahoVolunteers get a pretty sweet deal when they sign up with Ride Idaho. We provide the schwag, delicious meals, entertainment, camping, new friends, and spectacular scenery in exchange for a week of fun and rewarding hard work. But, the success of an event of this caliber is ensured by the caring individuals who generously volunteer their time and energy like you. We welcome your enthusiasm and the skills you bring to make our Ride Idaho the best multi-day ride in the country. In return, we have lots of fun with the riders and other volunteers, create friendships with people from all over the country, and see unique and wondrous parts of Idaho that most longtime residents have ever seen. Many of our volunteers return year after year because they enjoy the experience so much.

As a volunteer you will receive daily meals and beverages, a special place to pitch your tent, mobile shower service, and lots of great memories and lasting friendships!

All volunteers must be bona fide workers. We're sorry, but kid-helpers, part-timers, and dogs just won't cut it. Volunteers work an average of 8 hours a day.

Our volunteers will get some special perks which may come as a surprise at different times during the week, but one thing for sure, we will try to designate and rope off an area for you to pitch your tent.

If you know someone that may want to volunteer, please have them contact Earl at 208 890-4434. We are always looking for good natured hard working individuals.

Here are the volunteer positions available:

Before or After the Ride

  • Inventory
  • Rider packet preparations
  • Packing and loading boxes
  • Loading supplies and equipment
  • Preparing supplies for storage
  Volunteer with Ride Idaho

On the Route

  • Rest stop team
  • Re-supply / Inventory crew
  • Driver
    • Must be at least 21 years old
  • Route marker

In Camp

  • Truck driver / Camp set up & break down
    • Must be 21 years old
    • CDL not required. Trucks are 24’ moving trucks.
  • Camp host / Rider services booth